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- Choose your gameplay experience with High/Mid/Low rate stages to fit your playstyle.

- Embark on a brand new custom storyline and explore the world of KalOnline like never before.

- Select from four unique classes with distinct abilities and playstyles.

- Enjoy a new main quest and level extension that offers fresh challenges and rewards.

- Take on the Chaos Towers and other challenges to prove your worth as a top player.

- Choose from a variety of picking pets to accompany you on your journey.

- Unleash your true power with our self-made powers system, including the Powers of Heroes, Villains, and Chaos.

- Customize your character with new wings and other exciting options.

- Explore both closed dungeons and open maps for maximum adventure.

- Boost your honor rank with buffs and other rewards to prove your worth as a player.

- Discover new self-made talismans that offer unique benefits and enhance your gameplay experience.

- Experience a fully recoded system that improves performance and gameplay.

- Engage in new activities and earn rewards from our custom merchants.

- Enjoy a fair and balanced experience with craftable donation items that won't overpower your gameplay.

Join us on Pvpers KalOnline and experience all of these exciting features and more!

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Vagabond: As a melee damage knight, the God of Sword is a fierce warrior on the battlefield. With their exceptional physical strength and close-combat skills, they are able to take on enemies head-on and deal devastating blows.

Commander: The General is a master of defense and a formidable presence on the battlefield. With their superior armor and defensive abilities, they are able to protect their allies and withstand even the most powerful attacks.

Expert Archer: As an AOE archer, the God of Bow rains down death from afar with their precise and deadly arrows. They are particularly effective at dealing with groups of enemies, making them a valuable asset in any battle.

Imperial Commander: The Imperial General is a lifestealing archer who is able to both deal damage and heal themselves simultaneously. With their unique abilities, they are able to sustain themselves in combat while taking down their foes.

Hermit: The Ascetic is an AOE magician who is able to harness the power of the elements to devastating effect. Their abilities allow them to control the battlefield and deal massive amounts of damage to their enemies.

Chairperson of Joong-Bang: The Military Advisor is a supporter class that provides valuable assistance to their allies in combat. With their abilities to buff and heal their teammates, they are able to turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Hitman: The Dark Shadow is an AOE thief who excels at striking from the shadows and taking out groups of enemies quickly and efficiently. With their sneaky abilities, they are able to infiltrate enemy lines and cause chaos among their ranks.

Invisible Swordman: The Unearthly Ghost is a sneaky thief who specializes in single-target damage and assassination. With their deadly skills and ability to move quickly and unseen, they are able to take out high-priority targets with ease.

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- The first job change can be obtained by Job Change NPC, which is available to all players regardless of their class.

- The second job change is specific to the level requirement 50, where players will need to complete a series of quests and defeat challenging monsters to earn their new job.

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What is the Honor System in Pvpers KalOnline?
The Honor System is a ranking system that measures a player's Honor Points. By accumulating Honor Points, players can increase their rank and gain access to special buffs that improve their stats and attack.

How many rankings are there in the Honor System?
There are 10 rankings in the Honor System, each with its own set of requirements and rewards.

What is the first ranking in the Honor System?
The first ranking is Recruit, which requires a player to have 2790 or higher Honor Points. Players who achieve this rank receive a special buff that increases their stats by +2 and their attack by +20.

What is the highest ranking in the Honor System?
The highest ranking is General, which requires a player to have 111600 or higher Honor Points. Players who achieve this rank receive a special buff that increases their stats by +18 and their attack by +180.

What are the benefits of ranking up in the Honor System?
Players who rank up in the Honor System gain access to increasingly powerful buffs that improve their stats and attack. These buffs can give players a significant advantage in combat and make them more effective in both PvP and PvE gameplay.

How do I earn Honor Points?
Players can earn Honor Points by participating in PvP combat and defeating other players. The number of Honor Points earned depends on the level and ranking of the defeated player.

Is the Honor System available to all players?
Yes, the Honor System is available to all players who meet the minimum level requirements.

Can I track my progress in the Honor System?
Yes, players can track their Honor Points and ranking in the Honor System by accessing the Honor Ranking window via V button ingame.

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Schedule /servertime
EXP Event: 14:00 | 01:00
Damage Event: 17:00 | 22:00
Immortal Event: 16:00 | 23:00 
Egg Event: 01:00 | 18:00
F10 System: 19:00
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